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Welcome to That’s Some Bullsheep! This is a dogz 5 website with lots to do including adoptions, shows, a look at my current breeding projects, my crew and more to come. Faolan is one of our ‘purebred’ bullsheeps and one of the founding members of my kennel. This is version one: The Return of the Cornelia Marie in congratulations to the Harris family for getting back out on the Bering Sea. The beautiful mutt mix in the banner is my girl LF/TSBullsheep’s The Harris Legacy or Cornelia Marie. I adopted her from Arie at the wonderful Litterz Factory which you can get to through our links page. I will be making fun buttons with each version for you to collect or use as you choose and you can find those below. Please feel free to leave a comment, say hello, or give some feedback in the comments area below. So have a look around, enjoy, and I hope you return regularly.


6/17/14 – Grand opening!


Feel free to take any of these buttons and use them to your liking in support of the Cornelia Marie’s return to sea and in celebration of the return of the Harris family legacy! There will be new buttons with each new version of That’s Some Bullsheep. Please just give me credit when using.

blog cm love button blog hb love button blog josh love button blog jake love button blog phil love button

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. i came to check your site out and figured i would say hello.
    i saw the adoption page and darn those are some cute doggies.

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