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General Rules

– If there is any special rules for specific dogz they will be posted along with them

-Unlimited adoptions (within reason)

– All freebies unless denoted otherwise

– POTL will have an asterisk next to their name. Boys are marked with blue and girls with pink

– Please keep TSBullsheep’s in the prefix if showing and please be sure to give me credit if showing off

– If no longer wanted, you can delete or MPA but please remind them to keep my prefix

– Feel free to rename, gender swap, hex eyelids, & tree trim but you can always ask if you have any other plans

– Please do not put up for download, auction, etc.

* Assume large file sizes and inbreeding are present. Email me if you need specifics or would like to see more pictures or adult pictures.


...prayers X harlem 2

Adopted: Faith, Manhattan

...anoki X polarbear 2

Adopted: Indy

...amarillo X lb 1

Adopted: Verde

...anoki X polarbear 1

Adopted: TJ, Dichali

...apples X scrabble 1

Adopted: None

...cornelia marie X haku 1

Adopted: None

...ebony X bacharach

Adopted: Roulette

...galaxy X grey 1

Adopted: None

...galaxy X grey 2

Adopted: None

...galaxy X grey 3

Adopted: None

...genevieve X penne

Adopted: None

...moya X fetteroff 1

Adopted: Crichton

...pinky X gambol 1

Adopted: Violet

...prayers X harlem 1

Adopted: Inspiration, Brooklyn, Bronx

...styx X bali 1

Adopted: None

...taminx X stockholm 1

Adopted: Stocky, Holmes

...tauriel X kili 1

Adopted: None

...tavi X akil 1

Adopted: Harp

...yammy X mr darcy 1

Adopted: Lydia, Carrot


None yet!


Email Subject: “TSBullsheep Adopt”




Why?: (if needed)

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