Breeding Projects

The Bullsheep Breeding Project

.buddy adult2

My first breeding project goal was to breed dogz that mimicked one of my original dogz named Buddy who I had way back in Dogz3. It was the perfect opportunity to start my new kennel and get back into the petz community. Luckily I printed a picture of him which I some how still had and I remembered he was a bulldog X sheepdog mix so that’s exactly where I began. Below are my successful results and the top dogz at my kennel however I am still trying to breed some more that fit the standards. I have a lot of ‘rejects’ that will be available for adoption on the site little by little and eventually I will have ‘purebred’ bullsheeps available!


– Bulldog attributes include markings/texture, ears, body, and possible tail

– Sheepdog attributes include markings/texture, head, feet, and desired tail

bullsheep success

More coming soon…