..faolan TSBullsheep’s Don’t Change With The Moon = Bred here

..flavian TSBullsheep’s A Wolf Who Gives Flowers = Bred here

..ibis TSBullsheep’s Blown Off Course = Bred here

..murphy TSBullsheep’s It Will Go Wrong = Bred here


..grey TSBullsheep’s Such A Random Affinity = Bred here


..twiggy Orca/TSBullsheep’s London Pride = Bred by Abby @ Orca


..glaxay TSBullsheep’s Made of Stardust = Bred by Storymaker darcy Boheme/TSBullsheep’s Pride & Prejudice = Bred by Jenn @Boheme

..yammy TSBullsheep’s Time For Snackidoos = Bred here


..anoki Kika/TSBullsheep’s She’s No Actress = Bred by Kika

..fetteroff TSBullsheep’s Better Off Without You = Bred by Azalea

..gambol MMC/TSBullsheep’s Take A Chance On Me = Bred by Maggie

..harlem Kika/TSBullsheep’s More Than A Globe Trotter = Bred by Kika

..moya LF/TSBullsheep’s Meant To Be A Mother = Bred by Arie @ Litterz Factory

..pinky FDL/TSBullsheep’s Looking For A Cure = Bred by Bailey @ Fleur de lis

..prayers Boheme/TSBullsheep’s Holding On To Hope = Bred by Jenn @ Boheme NSP/TSBullsheep’s Feel The Sickness = Bred by Shade @ NSP

..sushi TSBullsheep’s Hotter Than Wasabi = Bred by Charkati

..tamina SSC/TSBullsheep’s The Magic Flute = Bred by Sunshine Cat

..statictakeoff DeeOhGee/TSBullsheep’s Climb Higher & Faster = Bred by Aubrey

..rufio DeeOhGee/TSBullsheep’s Bangarang Battle Cry = Bred by Aubrey

..kaltag Info Coming Soon!

German Shepherds

..akil AJC/TSBullsheep’s Brains Over Brawn = Bred by Ayshajade

Golden Retrievers

None yet!

Great Danes

..amarillo Star/TSBullsheep’s Show Your Support = Bred by Star

..styx SWSK/TSBullsheep’s River To Hades = Bred by Salem @ SWSK

..maui Orca/TSBullsheep’s Capture the Sun = Bred by Abby @ Orca

Jack Russels

None yet!


..bacharach OTS/TSBullsheep’s All Bets Are Down = Rescued from Sunset Adoption Center

..ebony SSC/TSBullsheep’s Let’s Make Music = Bred by Sunshine Cat

..genevieve AJC/TSBullsheep’s Save Me From Drowning = Bred by Ayshajade

..kili AJC/TSBullsheep’s My Love Walks In Starlight = Bred by Ayshajade

..penne Flokati/TSBullsheep’s Pass The Vodka = Bred by Janelle @ Flokati

..polarbear Novablue/TSBullsheep’s Living On Ice = Bred by Nova

..tauriel Juniper/TSBullsheep’s Walking In Starlight = Bred by Juniper

..knob Barguestspirit/CD/TSBullsheep’s Get A Handle On It = Bred by Barguestspirit


..cornelia marie LF/TSBullsheep’s The Harris Legacy = Bred by Arie @ Litterz Factory

..haku DS/TSBullsheep’s Carry Me To The Shore = Bred by Willow


None yet!


..apples FDL/TSBullsheep’s Exquisite Eloquence = Bred by Bailey @ Fleur de lis

..scrabble MN/TSBullsheep’s Mark My Words = Bred by Kel @ Middle Night

..paki Info Coming Soon!


None yet!


..bali Darling/TSBullsheep’s Between Your Imagination & What’s Real = Bred by Destiny Novablue/TSBullsheep’s I’m A Lonely Boy = Bred by Nova

..tracy Ohmri/TSBullsheep’s Palm Trees On The Horizon = Bred by Meomi

..jack Orca/TSBullsheep’s Hotcakes & Flapjacks = Bred by Abby @ Orca


None yet!


..tavi TSBullsheep’s Good, Better, Best = Bred by Bambi Vision

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